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So, today I've done something that in all my years of being around, excuse the jab, I have done the unthinkable.

I actually reported my first user on this site in what has to be some sort of academy record. Not to single out this vile individual, who from what I saw at the moment of reading the comments, felt like an unneeded attack on the artist who tried to defend an opinion on a character in the art of one Diamond Tiara. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to see it, too, as an attack and comment, and move on. Not knowing the person  in fact was a fan of the character it seems.

So, what does one do in such a situation where they find foot in mouth? Many just walk away and pretend it doesn't matter or care. Leaving one person to fume over a simple mistake. This being the place it is, that may have been a wise choice for me to make. BUT, as per usual, I do the stupid thing and try to apologize to the people I may have wronged. So, I do. I even try and leave a nice compliment on their page after the apology in hopes their feelings wouldn't be hurt.

Again, considering the site I'm on, it really would have been best to simply let them fume at a minor misunderstanding. But NOPE. I left my apology.

How did this person respond? Sure, a simple biting off my head and maybe a block would be the least of my worries. At least I tried, right? But no, they take it to a level I've not witness in sometime. Seeing how Deviantart allows a user to hide comments on their page, this person did just that to my apology post and compliment I left on their page. Only to immediately return to the place of origin of my comment to unleash their rage, expected, but to ALSO use the fact they hid my comment from view to use it as libel against me with slanderous words of yelling and harassment all over their profile page.

Yes, they actually hid my comments so as to appear the 'victim' of much greater attacks that simply do not exist. This being the case, and because such posts could lead to them doing what many toxic people do on tumblrs, I've reported their libel in hopes to teach them that lying and committing malicious slander would not be tolerated.

Now, many of you who've probably faced similar issues and such may have ignored it or DA simply didn't care to fix such malicious acts towards you, but despite whether they care to or not, I strongly encourage you ALL to report libel (slander in text form, be sure to get it right since slander is spoken defamation of your character where as the legal term for that in textual form is "Libel") and never let up on anyone who would abuse the power DA gave them to hide comments to make accusations of your character to whomever may care to listen.

Don't let people get away with "Libel". They've already edited their malicious comment somewhat already now that they finally allow you to edit comments, but the attack is still there. Defend yourself from those who abuse the hide and block functions. You NEVER KNOW what a petty individual will do if you stay silent.
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